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A-Rod Owns 13,000 Units of Multifamily Real Estate

A-Rod (former New York Yankees Baseball Star, Alex Rodriguez) owns over 13,000 units of multifamily real estate all over the country. He says the apartment business is better than baseball

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Proof that Workforce Multi-Family Apartments Are Recession-Resistant Assets

Multi-family real estate has a proven track record of providing high risk-adjusted returns. Let's dive into the numbers and see the strength this asset class showed during and after the Great Recession.

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Baltimore Multifamily Shines During the Pandemic

Despite the tumultuous times of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Baltimore's multifamily market has demonstrated its resilience and is on pace to rebound well. In this article we dig into Baltimore's stats as reported by various leading industry data providers.

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The Importance Of Finding The Risk-Premium In Multifamily Assets

In the world of real estate investing, risk is always a factor to consider. When it comes to multifamily assets, finding the risk-premium is crucial for investors looking to maximize returns while minimizing risk. Understanding the importance of finding the risk-premium in multifamily assets can lead to more successful and profitable investments in the long run.

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