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What We Do

Merlynn Acquisitions is a Baltimore-based real estate private equity firm that focuses on value-add and opportunistic commercial real estate investments in standard and emerging markets.

We identify and invest in real estate markets with strong track records of economic resilience and cashflow.

Why Commercial Real Estate?

Commercial real estate is an exceptional investment strategy to diversify your portfolio, reduce tax liabilities, generate income streams and wealth-creating equity. Here are six reasons to invest in income-producing commercial real estate:

Cash Flow:
An income-producing asset that generates profit at closing

Forced Appreciation:
Increased equity from capital improvements and operational revenue growth

Market Appreciation:
Organic increases in equity as a result of local market demand drivers

Cost Segregation:
A powerful tax deduction strategy that reduces tax liabilities by accelerating the normal depreciation schedule of real estate

Attractive debt financing that yields a positive return on investment

Commercial real estate is a phenomenal hedge against inflation and is historically less volatile than the stock market

Why Choose Us?

Our experience stems from the direct oversight of large commercial real estate portfolios across the U.S. We understand the importance of structuring debt, equity and business plans, as it relates to successfully acquiring and executing complex transactions.

Our fiduciary responsibilities to our equity partners come before none, and we believe that ethics is the fundamental basis of successful partnerships. We value accountability and trust through transparent reporting and consistent updates.

Tenacity and Perseverance:
Our mental fortitude and adaptive approach allows us to be prepared for, and unwavering against the unexpected.


Our Process

Due Diligence

A thoroughly-detailed and thoughtful analysis is performed on every property before we acquire it.


Our risk-adjusted and stress-tested underwriting approach allows us to focus on identifying and mitigating risks that will preserve our capital investment.


We leverage our infrastructure to execute the business plan by eliminating inefficiencies, adding value and increasing the net operating income.

Cash Flow

Our team distributes the cashflow proceeds on a monthly or quarterly basis, that creates passive income streams for our equity partners.

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