A-Rod Owns 13,000 Units of Multifamily Real Estate

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Yannik Cudjoe-Virgil

A-Rod (former New York Yankees Baseball Star, Alex Rodriguez) owns over 13,000 units of multifamily real estate all over the country. He says the apartment business is better than baseball. (See Article & Video)

There's a lot to like:

  • The recurring passive income
  • The ability to force appreciation by repositioning
  • The ability to use leverage to increase his returns
  • The ability to refinance and pull cash out tax free
  • The hefty tax benefits
  • The equity created as tenants pay down his mortgages
  • The hedge it creates against inflation
  • The ability to positively impact neighborhoods

In fact, A-Rod is not alone. Unfortunately, we hear lots of stories about sports stars experiencing financial hardships just a few years after retirement but, we don't often hear about the ones that invest wisely and have transitioned from their athletic careers to building a real estate empire; Turning their heavily taxed "active" income into tax-favored "passive" income and generational wealth.

More examples:

Fortunately, the benefits of real estate investing aren't just for multi-millionaire sports celebrities. By pooling our capital together in syndications, we can use the same strategies.